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Vegetable Box - Memberships

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The SoLawi Waldgarten is a community supported agriculture, which distributes vegetables to its members in the form of harvest shares. You become a member of our association 'SoLawi Waldgarten' and then receive your share of the harvest in a weekly vegetable box.
To become a member fill in the application and send it signed by mail to or printed to:
Verein SoLawi Waldgarten
Tannengasse 2/6, 2230 Gänserndorf



You pay your membership fee for the 7 months between May and November, in which you also receive the box.

The monthly membership fee is €130, which works out to €32.5 per vegetable box.

The box

The vegetable box is filled with fresh organic vegetables and herbs from the field every week. Depending on the season, there are also fruit and berries, juices and preserves from harvest surpluses. For inspiration, there is a recipe booklet every week with tips for storing and processing the delicacies. One harvest share feeds 1 adult who cooks mainly vegetarian food daily, or 2 adults who cook fresh food 3 to 4 times a week.


pickup locations


The box is always delivered on Fridays to various pick-up locations in Vienna, where you can pick it up. There you can put down the box & tea towel from the previous week and take your new one with you.


The season starts in the first week of May and lasts until the end of November - that are 28 fresh vegetable boxes.

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